Self-care is so hot right now.

Cruise the hashtag on Instagram and you will find literally millions of bathtub pics and motivational memes. I even put some of them there myself.

Proper self-care is crucial to being a healthy and functioning person.

But at what point do we cross the line that we equate self-care to overindulgence and self-destructive behaviors?

When does self-care become self-sabotage?

I am super guilty of terrible “self-care”, you guys.

Consuming constant junk food, self-medicating with alcohol, staying up way too late scrolling Instagram, or watching murder-themed trash television-I justify these behaviors as an escape from…

Are you a Disney World superfan going into debt to support your habit?

Do you dream of taking annual Disney trips, but just can’t fit the yearly price tag into your budget?

I feel you.

Disney vacations can get real expensive real quick. It’s often looked at as a once in a lifetime vacation for that very reason. Many families have to save for a long time to afford to go once and let’s be honest — one time just isn’t nearly enough to see it all.

With four theme parks, two water parks, four golf courses, Disney Springs, and…

Hey Mama.

I see you.

You are tired. You are empty. You are angry. You feel like a grey-washed version of the woman you were before you had kids. Your hair lives in a knot on your head and you don’t remember the last time you got to take a shower by yourself. You used to have hobbies and interests and now, you don’t even remember what they were. Kids will do that to you. They take every bit of you. Your time. Your love. Your patience. Your body. Your mind. Your identity.

You feel guilty, don’t you? You feel…

Is it a slow cooker? What are all these knobs and valves? Are Instant Pots safe to use?

You’ve probably heard promise after promise of how an Instant Pot changes your life. Other moms rave about how much time you’ll save and how you’ll have healthy, home-cooked meals on the table every single night. Say goodbye to being five cars deep at the McDonald’s drive-through at dinner time, after a jam-packed day of work and school to soccer and dance. No more guilt about filling the kids with garbage so you can rush them into the tub and finally to bed, just to get up and do it all over again.

So you jumped on the bandwagon and…

Daisy Benz

Blogger // Copywriter // Mama of Two // Radical Unschooler

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